Foster Care Program

McDonald Ranch

Texas Foster Care

While McDonald Ranch, a nonprofit organization in Texas, is a “home away from home” for all children, we have found that youth in foster care benefit from
the program in a very special way. Through activities such as animal care, outdoor recreation, experiential learning, and
more, these young people can develop a sense of belonging and empowerment.

Animal Care

We work with rescue groups and animal shelters to “foster” kittens and puppies as well as livestock and farm animals. As children in foster care take on the role of caregiving for animals during our program, they experience how important their efforts are to providing love, warmth, food, play, socializing and learning.

Outdoor Activities

Children in foster care can benefit enormously from the outdoor and experiential learning activities we offer, including swimming, archery, ropes courses, and go-karting. These experiences not only provide an excellent physical outlet, but can also boost self-esteem, confidence, and social skills.

Education Support

Many children in the foster care system fall behind academically. We provide one-on-one education support for foster children in our program through homework help and hands-on learning experiences. For example, our child-friendly cooking classes are an excellent way to practice math skills and attention to detail.

Anevay’s Story

Linda McDonald and Richard had the opportunity to raise their own foster daughter through the program. “Anevay” came to the program at 11-years-old and picked several different animals to raise and “foster.” She generally opted for the most difficult or challenging animals that others seemed to reject, saying that she related to them the most. Anevay had her own cat, dog, goat and horse that she worked with continually to make them more adoptable or useful. Her greatest accomplishment involved a particularly difficult horse named GiGi. Linda and Richard’s greatest day of pride and success was the day Anevay participated in a gymkhana with GiGi. They never thought we would see the day that horse would be trained well enough to compete in a public event. And, from that experience, Anevay knew that love and commitment could change a life forever.

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Getting Involved and Contacting Us

If you would like to become involved with the program as a volunteer, board member or would like more information about McDonald Ranch, Texas, please give Linda McDonald a call. Need more information?