McDonald Ranch, Inc. has moved to Brazos County, Texas! Linda McDonald has followed her son, Robert McDonald to the new location  so she could be more involved with her grandson, Sidney. After 30 years of running summer camps and after school programs in Sonoma County, Ms. McDonald is excited about starting the youth program over again in College Station-Bryan, Texas. The program will offer most of the same activities and programs that made the ranch so successful and popular in Santa Rosa, California. Currently, we are looking for a 2 acre site where the children in our program can foster and raise homeless and abandoned animals  with the leadership of adult counselors. We will also continue offering archery, swimming, cooking, arts and crafts along with a large field that will be used for a challenge course, volleyball and other outdoor games. Additionally, we will bring back go-kart riding and driving that was so popular years ago. Equestrian activities and lessons are also planned in future years.

Another reason McDonald Ranch has followed Robert McDonald to Texas is to help him transition into taking over the ranch after he finishes college so that Linda McDonald can step back from the leadership of the program. This will carry on the legacy of a family run ranch teaching life skills and leadership to youth while serving homeless domestic and livestock animals in need.

Another emphasis at McDonald Ranch will be more focus for children in foster care. We will be doing fundraising, sponsorships and grant writing to raise money needed to offer scholarships and a more extensive program to foster children. Since we also offer an after school program in addition to our summer camp, McDonald Ranch provides a year around place for children during out of school times. This consistent care has proven to be especially beneficial to families who need supportive care while both parents or single parents work. 

Finally, McDonald Ranch has stepped up the educational aspect to the program since COVID first hit our country by hiring a credentialed teacher on staff to help children maintain, catch-up and even excel in pre-COVID academic standards. Our future after school and summer camp programs will offer academic support to those children who have an interest and/or need for further educational studies. 

This is a lot of exciting news. If you would like to become involved with the program as a volunteer, board member or would like more information about McDonald Ranch, Texas, please give Linda McDonald a call or text at 707 583 6711 or e-mail at


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