For parents dropping off their children:

**E-mail welcome letters are sent out the Friday before camp begins. Please read the entire e-mail containing all details as to WHERE you need to go because the general schedule below is subject to change**

NOTE: All summer campers need to be picked up at the ranch between 4:00 and 5:00pm unless other arrangements are made ahead of time with the camp director.


  What to Bring & Wear:
Campers should bring lunch in a soft sack (or disposable bag), swim suit, tennis shoes, sunscreen, towel, bug spray, & water bottle. No open toe shoes are allowed at camp, including open toe sandals and flip flops (except by pool). Please have your camper wear the tennis shoes to camp every day.  Make sure everything is labeled.  Campers can bring water wings. Do not send more than $5.00 per day as we can not be responsible for keeping track of money or how it is spent.  Pack snacks too, camp activities will generate an appetite.  Horse riders- if you have your own equestrian riding helmet and boots, please bring them.  Bike helmets are not safe and will not be allowed.  If you do not have your own equipment, there are rental options for registration and we will fit you for the equipment.

Toys, stuffed animals, jewelry, valuables, electronics, IPODS, watches, cell phones, radios, any electronic device, pool floats/toys, or gum.  No pocket knives, sharp objects, drugs, or weapons of any kind.
For Lunches and snacks:
No peanut butter or items made with peanuts.  If your child has food allergies, contact the Camp Director, Linda McDonald the week prior to camp and also the week of camp. Lunches cannot ever be shared due to potential food allergies.  Lunches are not refrigerated, and no microwave is available. Make sure lunches are packed with items that will not perish or spoil.

Lost or Damaged Items:
We cannot be responsible for lost or damaged items, so do not send anything of value to camp.  Label all items.  We go through lost and found daily at the end of camp, but if your camper does not claim the item or it has not been found, you will have to make arrangements to come to camp to try to locate the items yourself.

We allow requests for kids to be in the same group, however the request must be made at least one week prior to camp AND it must be the same type of camp.  It is not possible to have kids in different camps in the same group due to scheduling and location variations.