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Wow,  Not sure who is more impressed…

If you love horses…..


If you love horses, than you have
come to the right place!  Our summer
and after school/weekend riding programs
are perfect for the horse enthusiast.



This is Muffin, our fluffy sweet boy!

Pony Pal


Our ponies are wonderful and sweet.
We are lucky to have a combination of
great kids and animals. Together, we can
make a difference!

Amazing results


Look at the beautiful finished product with this rock
from Lapidary!

Making Videos


Today at camp, our CITS did an amazing job
making videos with our ponies and goats.
They will be on our animal videos page soon,
so make sure you visit often!



Our fantastic instructor, Richard, poses with our campers after Lapidary.  Great picture everyone!

Archery Range


Archery is one of our most popular camp
activities.  Campers are instructed on safety
prior to using the equipment.  We have
some pretty impressive archers!

Jack London State Park


On Mondays campers enjoy the natural beauty
of Jack London State Park. 

Go Fish!


Sometimes it’s the simple things
in life that bring the greatest